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Temptation by dtaskonak

Very creative and and very real life looking. This looks like what would be on the cover of a book, excelant. This has lot's of detail,...




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... OK wow it's been a pretty fucking long time since I've been on here
But uh, hi guys. A lot has changed in my life so yeah, I will make a new page because honestly a lot of the stuff on here is bad memories. I'll post a link to my new account shortly
Bro Accepts Your Challenge by HPopper
Bro Accepts Your Challenge
Drew Bro Strider in Painttool Sai :3
It's for a tumblr post my friends and I are doing :)
My tablet decided to work again, YAY!!
As you can see, I can't write non-cursive for shit XD
But ya wouldn't be able to read my joint writing so...
Anyway, expect more of these ^^

Bro Strider is from Homestuck
Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie
Art by me
Flirtatious Heichou by HPopper
Flirtatious Heichou
"Are you a colossal wrench? 'Cause you make my nuts titan"

Hello~! :D
At last: a cosplay picture :')
Not very good quality 'cos I took it on my webcam... Sorry!
So yes, this is my face :3
No makeup this time 'round, sorry ^^'
But yeah, just thought I'd put a face to the username at long last
I had nothing better to do, and seeing as I haven't uploaded much, why not?
I might do a Levi x Eren photoshoot soon, so that'll be interesting ;)

Levi is from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
Shingeki no Kyojin belongs to Hajime Isayama
Cosplayer is me
Hello Lovelies! :heart:
Yes, I have returned from my bubble of laziness and not-bothered-to-update-shit-edness
My journal wasn't working either, so I kinda gave up on it
But I tried it on Google Chrome just now, and yay, it works!! Yes, I use Internet Explorer. Don't you judge me

What news do I have...
I cut my hair a few months ago! It was proper boy short, but still had a touch of femeninity to it. It's all fluffy now since it's grown a bit... it looks kinda like a lesbian brunette Harry Potter from the Philosopher's Stone crossed with original Justin Beiber X'D
I went to MCM Comic Con and Anime Dublin a few months ago, which were fun. To both of which, I cosplayed Levi from Attack on Titan. My 3DMG harnesses arrived on time, but my wig and jacket only arrived two days after MCM Comic Con when I needed them, so I had to use one of my mom's wigs and a pink jacket she forced onto me... I looked like a gay black haired Armin and many people thought I was Mikasa ^^'' Anyway, I went to Anime Dublin with my full Levi cosplay and my matesprit went as Annie. We met the most amazing Jean cosplayer (a lanky guy with a horse mask and a sign around his neck with a big JEAN on it) and a brilliant Roxas. My Annie may have started to nom on the Roxas' wig a few times, but they didn't mind. We entered the cosplay masquerade with aforementioned Jean and I did the salute and the Levi fabulous kick, my Annie did a fighting pose and a kick and our Jean did various horse poses. The announcer couldn't pronounce my name since noone can ever read my fancy writing, which was hilarious.
I entered the dreaded void of the Homestuck fandom. Shocking, I know
My brother started shaving, and my mother and I decided to watch while my dad showed him how it's done. I stood in the corner of the bathroom and "discreetly" started playing 'Eye of the Tiger' on full volume, to which I got a few confused looks at first, then everyone burst their holes laughing once it got to the signature bit that everybody knows.
I am currently working on a Dirk Strider cosplay for Arcade Con, which is coming along nicely. I may upload pictures of our shenanigans at aforementioned con, you never know ;)
I have created a drawing challenge for myself. I call it; The 30 Days of Homestuck Drawing Challenge!!
Basically, for 30 days, I shall do drawings of Homestuck characters and upload pictures on here as well as make a video on our new cosplay/gaming/art channel, the GamingOtakusProductions, on YouTube
The schedule I hope to follow with the characters will be:
1 John Egbert
2 Dave Strider
3 Rose LaLonde
4 Jade Harley
5 Dirk Strider
6 Roxy LaLonde
7 Jake English
8 Jane Crocker
9 Meenah Peixes
10 Feferi Peixes
11 Eridan Ampora
12 Kurloz Makara
13 Gamzee Makara
14 Equius Zahhak
15 Vriska Serket
16 Latula Pyrope
17 Terezi Pyrope
18 Kanaya Maryam
19 Meulin Leijon
20 Nepeta Leijon
21 Mituna Captor
22 Sollux Captor
23 Rufioh Nitram
24 Tavros Nitram
25 Aradia Megido
26 Kankri Vantas
27 Karkat Vantas
28 Bro Strider
29 Mom LaLonde
30 Captor Grubs with Psionic

If there are any characters left out that you'd like to be included or switched out with another character, please feel free to tell me! I can arrange changes :3
I will be doing my own stylized take on the characters, so it should be interesting. A few characters may be sexified and posing in an erotic way, so grab your tissues and please refrain from throwing your panties at me. Thank you~
Oh, and the drawings will all be traditional, no bases *gasp*
I will tame my photocopier and scan in the pictures on A4 sized pages
I will be starting this in the next week or so, so keep your wee eyes peeled for those.

And I believe that's it!
As always: requests are always open

Farewell for now, mortals!
~HPopper :iconhpopper:
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Two things I'm not going to do while I'm here,

I'll tell you my nationality, but not tell you my full address.

And I won't put pictures of myself online (unless I decide to post cosplay pictures up here in the future...)

Just so you know

If theres anything you'd like me to draw, just ask!

I'm a fan of Gorillaz and Naruto and other anime and ShTuFfS...

Oh, and I like writing stories (WHICH I WILL POST EVENTUALLY!)

I have two OCs, Shizukana Hato and Ningyō Hato

I use bases most of the time... ^^;

My fave band is Three Days Grace :iconthreedaysgraceplz: :iconadamgontierplz:

~HPopper :iconexcitedspartaplz:

:dummy: :la: :dummy:

:iconpokerfaceguyplz: :iconbadpokerfaceplz:




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